Christopher Capp brings homelike environment on campus

A mutual trust between him and his students make the connection happen


Danielle Stein

Christopher Capp and students jump up in the air to celebrate another win for the Lions.

Joemi Cordonero, Reporter

Walking in the science building, you’d easily recognize Christopher Capp’s room. The door is always wide open whenever he can, the laughter from students talking with another and with him, the inviting atmosphere of past projects everywhere. Capp is recognized as one of the most well-beloved teachers on campus by students and staff alike. 

Capp originally had an education degree in teaching mathematics, but had an abundance of knowledge in physics from his college years to want to become a science teacher. With his fun personality, for him, it was fitting for someone with a lot of energy who loved to do exciting labs on campus. 

He brings an energy that just a mention of his name makes people smile or recall a fun story that happened in his class. From past labs making ice cream, to his costumes that he goes full out for – like dressing up in a full bat costume. It’s a Capp thing that can’t be replaced to his students.

From inside and outside of school hours, Capp dedicates his time to his students as much as he can. He sponsors Dungeons and Dragons, SECME, and GSA. Though they all differ in many areas, they all agree on one thing: Capp makes them feel comfortable to be in his classroom around others like them. 

“I usually just, you know, trust everybody and I give them open space to speak their mind and I don’t judge,” Capp said.

One of the clubs, GSA, is an invitation for anyone to get involved in to be with friends or peers around them. Capp’s been involved with the club for many years and doesn’t plan on letting go of sponsoring the club. He loves being a part of the club’s atmosphere and so do the students.

“The atmosphere of the club is very comforting. Capp helps make the atmosphere [in the club]  with his personality,” said future GSA president Lupé Ayala. “He has a happy personality that can brighten someone’s day.”

As much as the students enjoy the clubs as much as they can with friends and the activities that occur during them, Capp also finds joy in being there for his students. 

“I like giving them a place where they can be themselves and they can kind of do what they like to do best,” Capp said. “You know, sometimes kids just need an outlet, and I like picking the clubs where there’s not really somebody who has that outlet for them.”

Out of clubs, he also gained new experience from his physics class. Last year, the previous AP Physics teacher,  Dr. Soos, retired. Capp has had to work from the ground up to create everything from the labs to tests to make the class smooth sailing. 

“I am honored that they trusted me with the class, it has been extremely challenging putting together the class,” he said.

Capp continues to be the notorious great teacher that he is through his determination to make sure his students know how much potential that is in them.