Spring week springs new traditions


At the end of January, Oviedo High School will be having its first ever Spring Week. The dress up days include floral prints, dress up as a teacher, class day, meme day, and a pep rally on Friday to top it off.

The idea for spring week originated in SGA.

“The biggest reason we planned a spring week is because the volleyball team is being recognized by MaxPreps, so instead of doing a random pep rally, we decided to do a spirit week that kind of leads up to the pep rally,” SGA advisor Heather Delong.

The dress-up days go along with the theme of the upcoming season, spring.

The main reason, however, for the theme ‘spring’ was based off of leadership classes in other school. Junior Kaley Jaqueth suggested the idea of spring week.

“We’re having spring week because a lot of other leadership classes at other schools that are in Seminole County are doing winter weeks. We decided to that we would be a little more unique and individual to Oviedo and do spring week,” Jaqueth said.

Sophomore Katrina Ruiz also helped finalize the idea for Spring Week.

“We were planning on doing a winter week initially but it didn’t work out due to the crazy schedule of December, but we wanted to do something and so later into December, we were like ‘well if we can’t do winter week, why don’t we do spring week’,” Ruiz said.

While Spring Week is just starting this year, it could become the newest tradition at Oviedo High School.