Alexander Noziere is dribbling his way to the NBA


OHS Photography

Freshman Alexander Noziere shoots a corner three-pointer as his team looks to win the game.

Tori Baer, Managing Editor

Amidst squeaking sneakers and screeching whistles, the air is damp from sweat, and the smell of the faux leather basketballs is prominent. Yet, you can see freshman Alexander Noziere with a focused and clear expression, passing the ball with ease. Clearly, Noziere’s second home can be found in the gym.

Everyone has a passion. Whether it be brushing strokes onto an empty canvas, or rigorously working to become the best musician the world has ever seen. Many then go on to pursue it as a career opportunity – just like Noziere. 

For him, he lives in the dream of becoming a renowned National Basketball Association star, just like any other boy his age. Except, he is making progress on the goal with no room for turning back.

“My Plan B is to make Plan A work,” he said.

My Plan B is to make Plan A work.

— Alexander Noziere

He has no other career options in mind, even if there was a chance he would not be accepted to the esteemed association. His solution is to work the hardest he can to make it come true.

His story begins with playing recreational from ages six to eight, until he got accepted to the Amateur Athletic Union when he was only 10. So, despite having a father focused on school more than basketball, he was able to try out for the freshman basketball team and make it. 

“I felt good,” Noziere said. “It wasn’t really different than any other tryout.” 

He already has his eyes set on the goal of being on the varsity team for next year, working harder for the upcoming tryout. This is just one step in the process to secure his future. Luckily, he got selected to be in a varsity practice every day. 

Noziere notably also won second place in the AAU against Division 1 recently. D1 is the most advanced division with some of the best players. He tips his hat to training two to three days a week outside of school.

One of his freshman teammates that plays basketball with him outside of school, Aidan Demeglio, has taken notice and admiration of Noziere’s impressive skill.

“On the court, he’s just a monster,” Demeglio said. “If I’m down in the fourth quarter and we need a shot, I think ‘Oh hey, Alex’ every time.”

On the court, he’s just a monster. If I’m down in the fourth quarter and we need a shot, I think ‘Oh hey, Alex’ every time.

— Aidan Demeglio

Physical strengths that he has acquired so far include the tremendous ability in his right hand when it comes to shooting. He describes himself as being a “shifty kind of guy.” Being “shifty” is, according to Demeglio, “being able to alter your momentum, which throws off the defense.”

In basketball, it is essential that you not only have to know how to play, but also the cohesiveness of the players. You may be the most talented athlete on the court, but nothing can outweigh the value of teamwork. Even a professional basketball player needs the skill.

“Most of it is team [rather] than individual,” Noziere said. “You know, if you’re an individual player, nobody is going to like you for that.”

Most of it is team [rather] than individual. You know, if you’re an individual player, nobody is going to like you for that.

— Alexander Noziere

As a team, everyone has different expertises. These are important to truly combine one triumphing force. It’s critical to him to not recognize the divide, but what the group as a whole can produce. 

To Noziere, attitude and personality shines through during a game. You need a whole lot of confidence while playing the sport. It matters how much time and effort you put into the sport.

“It’s all work. It’s a work ethic. If you have a good work ethic, you can go anywhere in basketball,” he said.

Alexander Noziere’s ability to build relationships with his teammates, despite his shy nature, is an extra strength in the team’s ability.

“That’s my dawg,” Aidan Demeglio said. “I’ll be cooking him on the low a bit, but that’s my dawg.” 

He has taken visible notice that even a “normal” person like Alexander Noziere is NBA star material.

Although, Noziere is very dedicated to his hobby and future career, even admitting he juggles his grades while playing the sport.

“In high school, they expect a lot from you both in the class and on the court. So, you have to find ways to balance your time,” he said. 

Alexander Noziere still has time before making the life-changing decision. However, it is doubtful his mind will be changed with his incredible potential. That is why his success story will be one to inspire even the most timid of underdogs to dominate the sports world.