Maple Street Biscuits bring fun to Oviedo on the Park



As we all know Oviedo is full of cute and unique businesses, one of which is Maple Street, found at 978 City Walk Lane Oviedo, FL 32765. Although it is only open from 7am to 2pm, Maple Street is amazing for people that enjoy going out early in the morning or brunching with their friends and family. 

Their food menu consists of biscuits, chicken and waffles, sausage, and many side items. They also have a unique way of calling their orders that is very different from any other place you’ve been to. They have a new question every day and instead of calling you by your name they call you up by your answer, it keeps you on your toes and it’s fun to hear other people’s responses. 

I’m going to be rating my top 3 dishes along with the opinion of one of their very own workers, Kyle Ball. 

  1. Sweet Grace

This dish consists of a chocolate chip waffle topped with strawberries, powdered sugar, whipped cream and real maple syrup. It is a classic mix of ingredients, the waffles are made right there and they are beyond amazing. The maple syrup is definitely one of the best, and the fruits and cream with a little sugar really tie it all in. When I’ve had a rough morning this one is definitely my go to, and depending on the day I’d get a coffee or orange juice with it.

  1. Bread Pudding

This masterpiece is completely homemade and delicious. I would compare it to taking a bite of the clouds in heaven. While gooey and soft it will still have a little crisp to its edges. They serve it to you as soon as they make it, of course it’s the best when warm. It’s a nice addition to one of their waffle shaped omelets. 

  1. Cinnamon Biscuit

Even though I love all of their food, this one has got to be my favorite. I could eat it hot or cold, and it tastes identical to a cinnamon roll except it’s in the form of a biscuit which makes me love it even more. They’re always served hot and are homemade. The lengths I go through for this dish is crazy, me and one of my closest friends, Madisyn, go every Wednesday after school before it hits 2pm. It’s one of the most heavenly things to consume but the absolute worst to crave.

Now for a few honorable mentions, the home fries and the freshly squeezed orange juice that I would literally do anything for. Current worker Kyle Ball has a few opinions to add on the food and his surroundings. 

“It’s a very positive environment that anyone would want  to be in, my personal favorite is the sticky maple, it has so much to offer it’s for sure a 10/10, but I’d have to say the next best thing is the cinnamon bread pudding,” said Ball.

 It’s not often an employee in the food industry praises their job so highly but Kyle says otherwise and I would definitely take his word for it. Check out Maple Street, bring a friend, and form your own opinion on their breakfast items- you may just end up enjoying it.