Fashion trends: remastered retro

This story was originally published in the first edition of The Lion’s Tale (October 7th, 2021).

Fashion trends have been constantly evolving throughout the decades, and with the rise of the fashion empire’s apparent influence in the media as well as the influence over Gen Z and Genzennials. 

Some of these fashion trends are even gracing the halls of Oviedo High School with their unique and stylistic presence. Some style staples that we are seeing in this new decade are some that our parents and those before them saw in previous decades that have made modernized reappearances.

Some of the new fashion tropes that have been re-emerging during the past two years include blasts from the past like 70’s hippie-core, 80’s monochrome and 90’s streetwear style staples. Other styles that are resurfacing are aesthetics like Y2K, grunge, dark academia, and streetwear which was popular in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

The throwback fashion statements we are seeing throughout our school today are low rise jeans, flannels, authentic vintage racing jackets, Air Jordans and other retro sneakers, babydoll tops, mini skirts, different decade patterns like 70’s floral prints and animal print, platform shoes, etc. 

With streetwear from the 90’s hip hop era making new appearances, comes the comeback of the circa 1985 icon in the shoe game: Nike Air Jordans.

Jordans were extremely popular during their early years of being released, though this hype seemed to die-down at some point around the early 2000’s-2010’s. With the rise of new social media platforms being overrun with fashionable-users, the popularity of the shoes began to skyrocket exponentially- becoming a staple in today’s streetwear style. 

A few of the new trends the city is encountering in modern day are patterned pants, monochromatic outfits, high-intensity streetwear, business casual outfits (oversized blazers and sophisticated shirts) and exaggerated platform or chunky shoes.

Bright colors and funky patterns are becoming more popular, causing a resurface of many old retro patterns from decades past, especially the 70’s. These patterns can be found on frankly any piece of clothing, most popular being dresses and tops- but can be seen on pants and skirts, something a bit more unique and unseen. 

A new aesthetic that has become quite popular due to its popularity throughout social media is dark academia/ goth core, which pulls inspo from a once “emo” era of clothing and puts a modern twist on the style. 

Some staples found in this specific trope are patterned fishnets, dark corsets, an array of darker colors, chunky black platforms and more.  

Walking through the courtyard, it is apparent that many of Oviedo High School’s students have taken their style to new levels following some of these trends and have truly tapped into a unique-stylistic approach when showcasing their personality to the public eye.