Rock of Ages: Behind the Curtain


Danielle Stein

The Rock of Ages’ cast learning choreography for “Just Like Paradise / Nothin’ But A Good Time”

Rock of Ages is being put on by OHS’s Theater Department this spring. It’s a musical that centers around Drew and Sherrie’s attempts to make it big in LA, while working at a local bar in the meantime.  In addition, the city’s mayor is quickly convinced by two German businesspeople, Hilda and Franz, to rid the city of rock and roll, in favor of “green, efficient living”. This aim to destroy rock and roll leads to protests, as well as the execution of lofty plans, in an attempt to keep local businesses open. In the midst of all this, Sherrie and Drew must figure out how to admit their feelings for one another, but first Sherrie has to find her way out of a toxic relationship with the famous, hot-shot singer Stacee Jaxx.

It’s a great show that everyone should come see, as shared by the cast members. 

“It’s a really energetic and funny show, while still having a good heart,” said sophomore Riley Ellis, who plays Hilda in Rock of Ages.

Not only does the show have a good heart, but it will be a reflection of all the hard work put into it by both the cast and tech crew.

“…everyone should come support the arts, because so much time and effort is put into our shows that people don’t know about, including Saturday rehearsals, set building, etc.,” said sophomore Olivia Garcia, who plays Sherrie in Rock of Ages. 

Speaking of the hard work being put into Rock of Ages, its cast members are facing new challenges, as they are developing their characters.

“The biggest challenge is definitely some of the songs that require a lot of vocal movements,” says junior Victoria McGrogan, who also plays Sherrie, in cast B. 

However, these challenges provide actors an opportunity to grow and improve upon their craft. 

“I think it will exercise my singing abilities and acting abilities…because I get to act in someone else’s shoes and it’s more experience,” said senior Cameron Carter, who plays Stacee Jaxx. 

The theater department will be putting on Rock of Ages from Thursday,  April 14th to Saturday, April 16th, at seven every night, plus a matinee show at two on the 16th. Tickets will become available to be bought on GoFan closer to the show dates.

Make sure to come see the show; to see everyone’s hard work pay off and experience what rock and roll is really about!