Golf tees up for the season final


Danielle Stein

Sophomore Tyler McGrath tees off against Hagerty High School at Twin Rivers Golf Club.

After a mixture of combined blood, sweat, and tears, the golf team has ventured a long way from last year. Now having more precise golfers with consistent scores, the season was a great success for them with a team record of 6-5 and all they accomplished together.

“Last year, we always had one score in matches that didn’t help us win. This year, we had six pretty good golfers,” Coach John Howell said. “Even if one had an off day, we were usually in the matches.”

With one sophomore and three freshmen on the team, visible improvement took some time and hard work. It was a far from easy task, but the team grew exponentially.

“All young players simply need a chance to grow so they can get stronger,” Howell said.

Two players’ success stood out the most on the team: Hayden Kinder and Andrew Letterman. Senior Hayden Kinder had the best iWanamaker, ranking at 0.54. Andrew Letterman also had an impressive 3.38.

These players led their team to victory through the tough season. Kinder was the first team all-SAC and qualified for the Regional Championship.

“They were both number one and number two on the team,” Howell said.

While it did sting when they lost to Seminole by a single stroke, and later to Lake Brantley by two strokes, the team persisted. They persevered and ensured they wouldn’t allow the loss to get to their heads.

“The team did what they were asked,” said Howell. “They came to practice every day and tried their best to get better.”

Two seniors will be leaving the team next season, but this hasn’t dampened their spirit either. Instead, the team is looking forward to meeting their new teammates who join. They spent the year focusing on building a solidified base for a good team next season, and the Lions are confident in their future success.