CPR training teaches students life saving skills


This past June, Florida governor Ron Desantis passed a law that requires all high school students to complete first aid and CPR training. 

Here at Oviedo High School, all freshmen and junior students began their training on October 14, after taking the PSAT. Students watched intro videos that covered first aid, were shown where AED devices are on campus, and practiced compressions on CPR dummies. 

Assistant Principal Drew Morgan planned the training day based on the state’s requirement, and feels that the training was beneficial. 

“I think that students being exposed to this type of life saving information can only benefit them,” said Morgan. 

Although the state did not require each student to become CPR certified, they were exposed to first aid knowledge. 

“It wasn’t a full on certification course, but it did expose them to critical information about first aid and CPR,” said Morgan.  

Early childhood teacher Jennifer Patrick feels that it is important for students to know how to perform CPR in case of an emergency. CPR is also taught in later early childhood classes. 

“I feel CPR training was beneficial and an important skill to have, especially when working with young children,” said Patrick. 

Similarly, junior Brady Vaiarella felt that the training was a good introduction to the life saving procedure. 

“I think it was beneficial for the most part,” said Vairarella. “For the people who didn’t really know much about how to do CPR, they got the basic idea down.”

However, not every student took the training seriously. 

“But then occasionally, you had the kids who messed around and didn’t really take it too seriously,” said Vairarella. 

Overall, the CPR training helped students learn the basics of first aid and CPR, and taught potentially life saving skills. 

“It could be life saving information in the future,” said Morgan.