STEPS dance learns choreography from D3MSTREET


The STEPS group participated in a special workshop hosted by D3MSTREET, a hip hop group of three brothers (Derrick Thomas, Devin Thomas and Deion Thomas) originating from Orlando. They write their own lyrics for their songs and direct the dances for their music videos. They tour, compete and dance in many featured cities to spread their name. D3MSTREET’s career began as they earned 5th place on the national hit show, America’s Got Talent, during the 5th season.

“They are three brothers and they’ve been dancing for a really long time,” said senior Ja’kihya Thomas, the STEPS team captain and choreographer who attended the workshop on Saturday, April 14. “They go to different places and teach different choreography. They are just really cool people and really nice.”

STEPS promoted the workshop around the school prior to the day of learning.

“The workshop was free for STEPS team members but $5 for any OHS student,” said teacher Megan McDonough. “Any OHS student was welcome to attend.”

At the workshop, the students were taught new skills and dance moves from the professional dance crew teachers.

“Students benefited from this workshop by learning new skills, choreography and enjoying themselves through their love for dance,” McDonough said.

“I learned how to learn dances quicker because we took [our time] but we learned quick,” Thomas said. “We learned two dances. We learned the dances to ‘I Don’t Even Care If You Cry’ by Lil Utzi Vert. It was kind of difficult for some people but it was really good dances. It was really good.”