Seniors choose colleges


Dominique Moise

The time to make college decisions is here.

Tobey Teeter, Reporter

Graduation approaches, stress rises, and all is beyond hectic. 

It’s the time of the year where seniors are choosing their decision on what college to go to. Whatever they choose, they are making a big decision for their future that will somewhat dictate the path they travel down in life.

Some are taking their road towards bigger universities and more popular universities while others are making their choices to smaller universities and private colleges. Whatever the choice may be, it’s a big one.

Senior Levi Thorpe, also an OHS football athlete, has made his decision to go to Florida Atlantic University for neuroscience and behavior. With Florida Atlantic University being three and a half hours away from his home, it will be a very different experience for him.

He is pursuing his career in hopes of becoming either an anesthesiologist or possibly even an ER doctor. After touring the campus of Florida Atlantic University, Thorpe was thrilled to join the Owl family at last.

“I can not wait for college to start,” Thorpe said. “It is going to be different with my family, but we have come up with a game plan involving them to come to see me and on holidays I see them.”

Senior Tristan Whittaker has made his decision on where he is going to college, pursuing an education at Rollins college – a private university. Whittaker is pursuing a career in communications and advertising. He wants to learn to write press releases, long form articles, and technical documents. 

“I chose Rollins because of a substantial scholarship and the campus is arguably one of the best college campuses in Florida,” Whittaker said. “I’m so incredibly excited for Rollins. It is a perfect place for me in every aspect as I know I will grow and learn so much.”