Paige Wisneski finds success in the sand


Mackenzie Holmes

Paige Wisneski brings her success from the indoors and takes it outside. Photo by Mackenzie Holmes.

Beach volleyball isn’t your regular team sport. You have to find balance with not just yourself, but also your set partner.

To the OHS team, nobody is better at this balance than Paige Wisneski. She brings her success from the indoors and takes it outside. In just a year of playing beach volleyball, she has become the brightest star in the sand.

“I just started playing beach volleyball last year when it first became a high school sport,” Wisneski said. “While I have just started playing beach volleyball, I have been playing volleyball since I was 10.”

While Wisneski loves being with a large team during the indoor season, she likes having just a single partner during the beach season who also happens to be her best friend.

“One of my favorite parts of the season is it only being me and my partner,” Wisneski said. “It’s just the two of us so we’re able to connect more on the core, I just get to be with my best friend.”

Wisneski continues to have motivation to keep going and pushing herself even after years of playing and trying a new sport.

“My coaches motivate me along with my friends and family,” she said. “Without my family encouraging me every step of the way, I don’t think I’d be where I am now.”

Beach volleyball is a very different sport from indoor volleyball and usually takes a lot of time to get used to, but not for Wisneski.

“In beach volleyball, you have to communicate and talk to your partner more than in indoor,” Wisneski said. “There is more surface area we have to cover and keep track of since you can’t rely on as many teammates.”

Wisneski also finds beach volleyball as an enjoyable sport to play and loves many things about it that can not be found in any other sport.

Whether it’s in the sand or inside Paige Wisneski, she will do her best to get the job done and dominate. She has become a star after just one year of playing and will only continue to climb as a player.