The boogeyman returns in ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’


Lionsgate Films

John Wick returns for another shot at freedom. Photo by LionsGate.

Luke Thompson, Reporter

“Are you ready John?”


409 people were killed over a dog, car, and his freedom. This may not sound believable, however, it is true.

John Wick and his wife went to live normal lives after his retirement, but she was given a fatal illness and was taken away from John. She had given him a gift to remember her: a Beagle named Daisy. John was at peace after his wife’s saddening death. He spent a few days finally getting back to his normal life until his old, dead one had arrived. John’s house was invaded by a bunch of gangsters and Daisy was killed during the robbery. John, having to defend himself, killed all of them with ease – using merely his hands, knives, and their very own weapons. A few slipped away with his beautiful 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429. This was only the beginning of what would be the return of the Boogeyman: John Wick. 

The story of Chapter 4 is another within the stories continuing John’s bounty with nothing left but to survive and get his freedom. There’s no reason or objective for John anymore, all he has left is his life to give. The movie earned $250 Million USD at the box office, opening weekend. The director, Chad Stahelski, did amazing with the angle that this movie would have. Everyone who was a part of this project executed it perfectly. 

When it comes to this franchise, the amazing effects make every scene and every kill incredibly convincing. The people who directed and worked hard were dedicated to their craft, bringing these films to their full potential. Each scene is filled with realistic fighting, intelligently-placed lighting, and massive explosions made with CGI. To make the effects really pop, the actors had to find the perfect time to fall after being shot or hit with an explosion. The cinematography and the sheer amount of effort put into falling off a building onto a car or down a set of stairs made these scenes spectacular. 

With Chapter 4, everyone is pointing out the glamorous cinematography. The camera work was perfect, every scene capturing every moment to make every minute of the movie impressive and immersive. The directors were creative with the panning of the cameras going overhead of the fight scenes and strong views of the city while Marquis is planning his next attack to end John Wick. Camera movement, plus the beautiful, stunning lighting in large areas is pleasing and satisfying to look at. In this chapter, Wick runs through a building, going room to room taking out everyone in his path, the camera slowly pans overhead making the scene look like something out of Hotline Miami. The whole scene was one take without any cuts making it even harder to make sure the camera was perfect, everyone in the scene was ready to act for a continuous long time without stopping, everything was directly amazing and executed beautifully. 

A lot of chatter is going around the topic of John Wick saying that some of the characters that John Wick has interacted with that are still alive, will make spinoffs with a whole new movie or show about those specific characters with little seasoning of John Wick being involved. Another thing that’s being looked over is making completely new movies that aren’t involved with the John Wick series, however, Wick may cameo in them.  

This series is so good, everyone would want another. Rumors are that Chad Stahelski confirmed that there is a possibility about a fifth chapter. Let’s hope these rumors are true but eventually, John Wick has to end. John’s life is sad, and sick with everyone around him wanting to kill him. This series is beyond amazing with how a single man was able to survive for this long, killing everyone in his path. He’s been thrown down stairs, chucked off buildings, and shot multiple times. These movies are the most exciting to watch because there is so much happening between the amazing sets, the acting, and all the special effects mixed into perfection akin to a mouth-watering beef, cheese, and rice burrito. The best of the best of action, step into the shoes of the world’s most popular bounty, John Wick.