Portkey Games brings back Magical School: Hogwarts Legacy


Dominique Moise

How Portkey Games turned the wondrous wizarding world into a 30+ hour game.

Luke Thompson, Reporter

Back in 1997, the original Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was published and to that day, the world of fantasy was changed forever. Every time you hear the word magic, most likely Harry Potter comes to mind. The books were fantastic, but the films created by Warner Bros were even better. It really took the love from the book onto the big screen, giving everyone a world to experience that’ll stay with us forever.

In 2018, Portkey games, a studio within Warner Bros, founded in 2017, created Harry Potter games. Now in 2023, they’ve stepped up the next level and brought us one of the biggest video games in the past few years: Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy is the biggest project Portkey has ever created. Their past games were either on Mobile or on PC, but never on the next gen consoles like the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. Now on all Platforms for $69.99 you can get Hogwarts Legacy.

The story is set 100 years before Harry Potter, making the story fresh and having it to where you don’t need to be a Harry Potter die-hard to enjoy Hogwarts Legacy even though it has its references here and there. 

This game is beyond fantastic. The world was built with every ounce of detail starting from the references to Harry Potter or the caves hidden deep underneath a village that holds a magical book that allows you to wield a mysterious dark magic. The game feels alive with the crazy amount of interactions going from the students around the castle and relationships you can build up with your professors. In the films and books the imagination and viewing of the castle is very limited with the image in your head or the sets used for production. Portkey put in the hard work to make every door accessible to the player to explore and learn new things around Hogwarts. Every corridor and classroom has been designed to its own style that reminds you of the magical atmosphere that you’re living in. Every moment will have you speechless every time you play a new mission. The game is very lengthy making the player take their time and really embrace the wizarding world.

Classrooms are a masterpiece in Hogwarts Legacy with actually needing to attend classes and complete private assignments to unlock new spells that can benefit you later on against Ranrock’s Loyalist. The game is an RPG meaning you must upgrade your gear to keep up with the level of your enemies you’ll encounter outside of castle grounds. The open world was done perfectly, giving you the option to either take a lovely walk through Hogwarts Courtyards or flying to Hogsmeade with your very own broom. One thing I wish was different is that you can attend the classes whenever you want and upgrade your spell crafts. There are side quests that you can do whenever you want to privately talk to a Professor and they will teach you a new spell. Also, when strolling around the map whether that’s in the castle or outside, students and shop keepers will ask you for help or challenge you to some friendly competition to level up and expand your legacy.

The plot for Hogwarts Legacy is new and fresh with a whole plot about an evil goblin rebellion trying to capture and steal an old ancient magic and with your very own wielding ancient magic power, you must stop them with the help of your classmates. You must traverse through the whole world unlocking new caves and memories that eventually will lead you to the end. Next is the amazing combat within Hogwarts Legacy with the feels of a souls game while trying to dodge and counter the enemy. There are a total of 34 spells that you can unlock and use and to unlock them you must complete assignments from professors and attend classes. Following your friend, Sebastian’s journey you may learn additional unforgivable curses. This will be one of the best games that we currently have available for a long time, trailing behind God of War, Red Dead Redemption and so much more. Portkey Games already announced a very possible sequel to expand and give us more story of your Hogwarts Legacy.