Rock bands impress the Orlando Amphitheatre


Madelyn Reno

Various rock bands performed at the Orlando Amphitheatre on November 26th.

Madelyn Reno, Reporter

The Orlando Amphitheatre, flooded with all different types of people, was an exhilarating experience. Ranging from apparel like floral pink dresses to all black mesh suits, and even with all the unique and diverse people they were all doing the same thing: singing along and admiring whatever band was on stage at the time. Starting with Atreyu as the opening band, the concert instantly provided an energy boost that lasted through the entire night.

On Saturday, Nov. 26., Ice Nine Kills, Motionless in White, Atreyu, and Black Veil Brides all have a very different approach to their music – even though they perform the same genre. Ice Nine Kills relies on their physical performances just as much as their vocals, while Atreyu focuses on using a more scream-based vocal. Motionless in White uses more vocals than any of the other three bands and Black Veil Brides relies on the deep and raspy voice of their lead vocalist. 

Motionless in White had the best performance because of the way they relied more on vocals rather than allowing the guitarists to overshadow them. The way that they interacted with the audience also drew me towards them more. I also enjoyed the way that they were genuinely concerned whenever someone was hurt and made sure to take the extra time to remind people to take care of themselves, which they had to do more than any other band because of how many people were fainting during their performance. The songs Motionless in White has are also something I just can’t stay away from. They incorporate lyrics about things people can relate to, such as feeling lost or alone, and it’s the talent that draws people in but the emotional appeal that keeps them there. 

Ice Nine Kills, the closing band of the night, was by far the most entertaining. They used props and acting skills to act out the songs they were singing, which, except for Welcome to Horrorwood, were all based off of horror movies. Ice Nine Kills has an extremely unique approach to their music, but one that makes people scream along to the songs that they can relate back to the horror movies they’ve seen and loved. Songs based off of Friday the 13th, Halloween, Scream, IT, Pet Sematary, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and many other hit horror films are what draws in listeners from all over. These songs, along with the intense talent of the band members, truly keeps a crowd engaged and eager to hear more, which is why at the end of the last song the audience was literally begging for more.

Black Veil Brides, who was the first of the headliners to attack the stage, had a very interesting way of performing, which was with a raspy and deeper tone, but while still relying on a more vocal approach. Being the only rock band to play at the concert, they brought a fresh style to the night and made it more enjoyable. The way that they interacted and reminded people to stay healthy during the performance, and even restarting a song after checking on someone, was a reminder that even when you are famous, it’s good to appreciate your fans and make sure that they are taking care of themselves even if it means missing a song or losing your spot in the mosh pit.                                   

The atmosphere of the concert created a feeling of excitement and a burst of adrenaline for everyone as they nodded their heads to the booming sound of the bands playing their best songs. The way that people could communicate and come together to appreciate the four bands was a beautiful thing to see, because it showed how music can bring people together. While waiting in line for merchandise, people were talking about what their favorite song was, or what band they liked best. The music and social interactions of the show were equally amazing, and encouraged me to go to another Trinity of Terror Tour.