Kodak Black returns from prison with new album


Photo courtesy of Atlantic Records


After the drop of Kodak Black’s third studio album “Bill Israel” (11/11/21) a lot has happened since. Kodak has been in and out of prison with his latest charge of trespassing in early 2022. 

With all the drama surrounding him nobody thought that he would even be in the right state to even drop an album. But as he always does, Kodak surprised everyone. 

Kodak’s 4th studio album “Back for everything” dropped February 25 2022, and this project showed growth in his writing. This album compared to his last one is very different. “Bill Israel” made people believe that his writing is going backwards because nobody was seeing any growth in his songs. 

But with “Back for everything” Kodak showed a side to himself that nobody has really seen since his 1st studio album “Painting Pictures”. In “Painting Pictures” Kodak showed his emotions in his songs and expressed them very loudly within his songs. In “Back for everything” he brings that same element back along with more maturity and you can hear it in his music. One of the songs that shows this is “Midas Touch”. Kodak talks about all the wrongs he has done and how he feels about all the people he made worry about him and all the pain he went through and how it affected him as a person. 

I personally thought this album was okay because it had some good songs like “Super Gremlin,” “I wish,” and “Midas Touch”. Some of the songs weren’t as good as those three and most of the songs were just okay. Ultimately, this album didn’t bring back the old Kodak Black that I used to listen to all day, everyday. But the main reason why I even enjoyed this album is because of the fact that he is learning from his mistakes and he expresses all the wrong he did in the past.