A struggle between reality and fantasy: “Euphoria: Season Two”


Photo courtesy of HBO

This story was originally published in the third edition of The Lion’s Tale (January 31st, 2022).

HBO’s hit show, Euphoria is back for a second season. After two years of patiently waiting, fans can stream new episodes of the show every Sunday at 9pm. However, the new release has brought some controversy. 

Euphoria follows teenage drug addict Rue and friends, as they navigate high school amongst drama and dangerous situations. Season Two picks up right after Season One’s finale, set at the winter dance. 

The first episode takes place at a New Year’s party, and gives viewers a quick update on where the characters are at. Both the first and second episodes of the new season serve mainly to set up the new storyline. 

Euphoria comes with a mature warning label, and the new season has brought up concerns from viewers. Is the show an accurate representation of high schoolers and their experiences? The answer is, it depends. 

The main characters are ages 17-18, but played by actors who are in their twenties or even thirties, and characters who don’t look their age can take away from the realism in the show. However, drug use and nudity is common for almost all the high school age characters, so the actors had to be over 18. 

Regardless, it’s hard to watch high schoolers in the show go through overdoses and assault, but this unfortunately is a reality for some. Euphoria dives into topics like these that many shows typically avoid, which helps some viewers feel seen. 

However, some feel that the show is totally off. With out of control parties, characters getting together left and right, and drug use at school; it seems to be an extreme. ‘Euphoria’ is narrated by Rue, many of the party scenes may be exaggerated, just how something minor may seem like a huge deal through the eyes of a high schooler. 

Overall, the high school experience depicted in Euphoria is an extreme one, but not completely off. The writers displayed a range of experiences and emotions that are not uncommon for high schoolers, making the show worth the watch.