Powder Puff highlights junior-senior rivalry

This story was originally published in the first edition of The Lion’s Tale (September 18, 2018).

The Powder Puff game is back: juniors and seniors fight on the field to see who is the better class. The girls take to the field with the football while the guys don skirts and shake pom poms on the sidelines in the annual battle of the classes.

Junior cheerleader Tyler Mets has participated in school spirit events and attended attended all the football games. He can’t wait to show off his school spirit on the football field.

“It’s a good way to have fun while being involved involved in the school,” Mets said.

Mets also said that the juniors will win because they are, overall, better than the seniors.

Senior cheerleader K.J. Hayes participated in the event last year and has been waiting for it to return. He hopes to make this year better.

“Its been really fun at practice and we have been practicing a lot on stunts and stretching a lot for the game this Friday,” Hayes said.

On the actual field, junior football player Vanessa Martin participated because she is always looking for a school activity that’s fun and will keep her active.

“I am really exited to see the boys be cheerleaders and to play defensive lineman at the game,” Martin said.

Junior football player Emma Warner always went to watch as an underclassmen because it is one of her traditions to watch it with her family.

“I always looked forward to it and a lot of my friends were doing it, so it wasn’t that hard of a decision to do it,” Warner said. “Currently my spot is quarterback and practices are fun because I can hang out with friends.”

Warner said juniors will win because she must support her team.

Head coach of the junior girls Chris Capp said that he thinks that he thinks the juniors will win.

“Seniors, get your faces ready to cry after you see the onion play from the juniors,” Capp said.