Clue’s comedy allows actors to grow


Danielle Stein

Theatre teacher and director, Tim Carter, hosts rehearsal for the upcoming play Clue.

Clue is an entertaining and fast-paced comedic play, based on the classic board game and movie. The play is being performed by OHS’ theater department early next month. In this murder-mystery, a butler, a maid, and six mysterious house guests rush to figure out whodunit when the host turns up dead, all while the bodies keep piling up. 

Clue’s fast-paced nature and entertaining mixture of physical and verbal comedy sets it apart from other shows.

“It’s very farce, and it’s very much a quick, fast-paced show,” junior Olivia Garcia, who plays Ms. White in Cast A, said.  “But it also is great because it has a lot of comedy and it has a lot of scares and that sort of thing.”

A large part of Clue’s style of humor is the creation of physical comedy through dramatized body language and characters. 

“There’s a lot of slapstick humor, a lot of body movements that go into making the comedy,” junior Riley Ellis, playing Ms. Peacock in Cast A, said.

Clue’s unique style of comedy provides actors with a plethora of opportunities to grow their craft and improve their skills.

“It’s such a different kind of play where the acting is so extraordinary and it’s so big,” senior Briana Vasquez, who plays Ms. White in Cast B, said. “It’s something so new that we’ve never done before.”

Clue not only provides returning actors with a chance to refine their skills, it also gives new actors a chance to shine, improving their knowledge of the craft in the process.

“It’s my first show, so learning how all the blocking and everything works…has really helped expand my knowledge,” junior Davis Patrick, who plays Colonel Mustard in Cast A, said.

On Nov. 10-12, the cast’s hard work will come to fruition as they perform Clue and reveal the answer to an age-old question: whodunit?