Night of The Living Dead: Experience the Apocalypse


The Night of the Living Dead is a play put on by Oviedo High School from Thursday, October 21st to Saturday, October 23rd. It’s themed around what would happen in the event of a zombie apocalypse. 

The main characters have to navigate protecting themselves from the zombies, whilst also dealing with conflicts between characters. It is a spooky performance meant to frighten actors and audience members alike.

Senior actor William Deem, who plays Ben, invites students to watch the play for a good time. 

“If you want to get some good scares in, just come on down to the Oviedo theaters and watch the show.,” said Deem. 

Unlike a typical theater production, Night of the Living Dead is meant to scare the audience. 

“This is a great show, that’s not only scary, but it’s also very fun to watch,” said junior actor Matthew Wampole, who plays the police chief.

Not only is this show perfect for the spooky season, it is the fruition of the actors’ hard work and growth in their craft. 

“We’ve had ups, downs, whatever, but overall, it’s finally coming together. It’s gonna be a good show.” said junior actor Victoria McGrogan, who plays Helen.

This growth occurs not only as a result of the time and energy put into the play by these actors, but the new and more challenging roles presented to them. 

“This is actually my first time playing a main character… being able to get the chance to play a main character, for the first time, I’m having a lot of fun with it,” says Deem.

Make sure to check out the play!