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Teachers balance work, home lives

Jesica Litton, Reporter

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Junior Ryan Hart checks his Skyward account for the third time that morning, hoping to see an updated grade.

“I want to see my grades sooner rather than later so I know what to improve on,” Hart said. “I believe teachers should grade papers right away because they expect us to do our homework in a timely manner, and their homework is to grade papers.”

Because of expectations like this, some teachers think that students forget to think of teachers as actual people.

“I think they see us as people who are supposed to be perfect,” said theatre teacher Tim Carter. “We are not.”

Some days it is draining to teach seven periods and then have to make sure I have remembered everything I am supposed to do for my house.”

— Teacher Kimberly McKernan

Balancing work, their own kids and students’ needs can cause a struggle.

“I work very hard to maintain a healthy boundary between my work and home life,” said support facilitator Jessica Johnson.

Johnson stated that the only time she struggles with the boundary is when there is an issue she is concerned about at school, or if she is worried about a student.

AP Human Geography teacher Kimberly McKernan said that school sometimes takes a toll.

“Some days it is draining to teach seven periods and then have to make sure I have remembered everything I am supposed to do for my house (dinner, laundry, animals, etc.) and children,” McKernan said.

Junior Cymonne Reyes, however, sees the human side of teachers.

“They’re no different from us, just because they assign us homework, and go home and grade papers,” Reyes said. “Students don’t really appreciate all the time and effort teachers put into making us knowledgable.”

Students themselves are what keep most teachers motivated and coming back to school.

“I love my students,” Johnson said. “My students make my job worthwhile. I’m not nearly as enthusiastic about all the paperwork I have to complete.”

At the end of the day, teachers enjoy doing outside activities just as much as their students do.

“I enjoy visiting Disney with my husband and friends, jogging and reading,” said French teacher Victoria Huffman.

“I love watching FSU sports,shopping,visiting with friends and going to the beach,” said pre-calculus teacher Lauren Fedi.

Even among teachers, however, not everyone is the same. History teacher Liam Mason takes a different standpoint on his work/life balance.

“I’m like Rihanna: all I do is work, work, work,” Mason said.

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Teachers balance work, home lives