Boba bubble tea rises in popularity throughout U.S.


Boba tea is a tea based drink that originated from Taiwan in the 1980’s. It’s been around since then but now it’s become a trend in the United States. The drink can be served hot or cold and consists of tapioca balls on the bottom. The black chewy balls are also known as pearls. The bubble tea can come in many flavors. 

Most people aren’t aware but the pearl tea can be served with either the common black, green tapioca balls or simply with a oolong tea as a base. 

Its popularity has brought cafe’s that specialize in the bubble tea production. Some of these cafe’s use plastic lids but the most traditional and authentic way is with machine made hot plastic cellophane. It is made this way so that it can be easily shaken without any spills. When ready to enjoy the tea, special boba straws are made so that the pearls can be eaten without taking off the lid. 

The tea has also brought a variety of snacks. These snacks include boba flavored ice cream and candy. 

Another tradition is to make the tea by hand but today it’s made by a machine. Not only do sellers have machines to make the tea for them but they have found unique ways to share about their culture.

No one really knows for sure how and who was inspired to create the pearl tea. But research says there are two ways it could have happened, one way was by the owner Tu Tsong who found white balls in a market and was inspired to create the bubble tea we have all heard of. Another way it could have been invented was by Lin Hsiu Hui who poured tapioca into her tea during a staff meeting and had everyone try it.