Family Fall Fest brings the fall spirit to the campus



As the season changes, a surplus of new events and festivities arise – including Family Fall Fest. The design club has been around for several years, but the novel fundraiser brought more attention to the club, as well as another event to add to the list of school fall activities. The new occasion was created purely on a whim to do something that would keep the club busy and aid in funding a trip they’ve been eagerly anticipating. 

Family Fall Fest was held on October 15th with the expectation of pumpkin painting, delicious cookies, and exciting games. It cost $5 per pumpkin, which everyone was able to decorate festively. Despite being announced only the week of, the event had a good turn out. There was a surplus of teachers, parents, and friends all enjoying the planned activities.

A positive aspect was the COVID-19 precautions that were enforced. It could have been unintentional, but all of the attendees were thoroughly spaced out in their seats – though many were not wearing face coverings.

With the last minute aspect of the fundraiser in mind, there was some slight disorganization, though it wasn’t detrimental to the experience.The flyer promised games but none occurred – which didn’t seem to upset anyone, but hopefully next year they bring in more activities for the families to further enjoy the occasion. For the event to be annual in the future, the design club will likely have to work out the kinks, like adding in other immersive activities now that they have more experience with planning it.