Local restaurant ‘Greek Corner’ serves authentic food


Eating, talking and enjoying those around us over a meal is something enjoyed by many. Here in Central Florida, there are so many small businesses for the public to enjoy themselves at.

 College Park, a neighborhood in Orlando, is home to a few of my favorites. This area in general is always such a comfortable and overall inclusive place to land. With so many little shops and amazing restaurants, there’s always something here. 

College Park is home to one of my favorite Greek restaurants, The Greek Corner. The restaurant serves delicious food as well as a calming ambiance both inside and out. 

If you are looking for a chill and affordable place, then this is perfect for you. When I arrived my friends and I chose the outdoor seating on their casually lit patio. 

As soon as you enter the building you are greeted graciously by staff and told to choose wherever you’d like for the most comfortable dining experience. 

Immediately after we were seated our waitress was very quick to attend to whatever we needed and got us started with appetizers and drinks. 

As an appetizer we chose the classic homemade hummus with warm pita bread. The pita was so soft and warm and paired amazingly with the fresh hummus.

Moving on to our main course, I decided to keep it fairly simple and stick to what I know best. The menu contained so many delicious options, but I opted for the Chicken Souvlaki with a side of their fries. 

As far as time went, the service was fairly quick and food arrived within a short period of time. The portions were great and I was actually able to have leftovers. 

The only difference was how much better the Souvlaki tasted the day of. The chicken was juicy and contained great flavors with the onions and tomatoes complimenting it perfectly. I absolutely enjoyed everything about it. 

Overall, this place is now one of my favorites and would definitely rate this a 4.5/5. Between the food, vibe, and location, this place was amazing.