Football snaps through spring training


Audrey Strembicki

The Lions give it their all in another impressive match. Photo by Audrey Strembicki.

Jared Fredell, Reporter

The sun shines brightly as the first day of spring training for the Oviedo Lions football team begins. As the players arrive at the field, they’re filled with a mix of excitement and nerves – ready to put in the hard work nevertheless.

The spring football season has been a tradition in the Lion family for years and is used to get players ready for the real season that starts back up in fall. The conditioning typically starts with good hydration, followed up by their seventh period workouts.

“Once this is over, the real conditioning starts,” Logan Proth said. “First we warm up with runs, 10-yard sprints, 40-yard sprints and then 80-yard sprints. After that we do some type of competition which could be 5-10-5s or L drills etc. Last, we finish it off with cool down stretches and begin hydration for the next day.”

Not only do these student-athletes focus their on their body while on the field, but off the field as well. Hydration is always a big focus for the team.

“It is so hot out and the workouts are so strenuous that it is a necessity to always have water with you,” Proth said. “Another thing is eating – if you are building muscle and getting faster but not eating for a proper recovery, almost all the work you put in will not show for later.”

When thinking about the time and effort put into spring training, it is clear how physically and mentally demanding it gets. What sets these players apart in the course of the preseason is their drive. 

For sophomore and wide-receiver, Braden Olsson, the decision to dedicate his free time to training is easy and gives all the credit to self improvement in games for the motivation he finds.

“I am motivated to put in my all and leave everything on the field in order to see the work I have put in,” Olsson said. “Being able to see myself grow in skill, play time, and points under the lights has made me more interested and motivated to work every time we face another school.”

During this period in spring, players get to grow and encourage each other while working out.

“We all get to know each other a little more and all have a common goal of being the best version of ourselves and the best athletes we can be,” Olsson said. “The anticipation of the season makes us more competitive and motivated to earn our spots and numbers on the field.” 

It is clear to the teammates and friends of these two devoted players that they will not settle for anything less than excellence when they put on their cleats and pads. In time, all the time, sweat, and sore muscles will pay off during the upcoming 2023 FHSAA football season and the praise will go to the performance displayed by the Oviedo Lions during this spring.