Aiden Aysun becomes a star freshman


Harshini Thupili

Freshman Aiden Aysun and his team count down the seconds till the whistle blows, sprinting forward.

Nelson Kanistras, Reporter

It’s hard for many freshmen to get used to high school. Especially when you’re taking hard classes, playing a sport, or taking part in different clubs. Now, imagine you throw all three into one student, this is Aiden Aysun.

A member of Robotics, Mu Alpha Theta, Track and Field, and Cross Country, he also takes AP computer science principles, AP Human Geography, AP chemistry, Biotech 1, Precalc, and English 1 as a freshman, but also competes on the varsity Cross Country and Track and Field teams.

Aysun isn’t just taking these hard classes or just running, he is a top tier athlete and student. For many students, it is difficult to stay on top of some many commitments, but not Aysun. He has found a way that works for him to balance everything at once.

“As long as I stay focused, talk to my coaches and mentors ahead of time, and make sure to get enough sleep, it is pretty easy to balance all of my extracurriculars,” Aysun said.

Aiden Aysun also stays motivated and knows how to motivate others even when times start to get difficult. And while being in many clubs has brought some stress and pressure, Aysun still finds a way to find his favorite parts of this year.

“I just like to see how much I can push myself and see what I’m fully capable of doing,” he said. “Working on improving myself through school and extracurriculars has been my favorite.”

One of Aysun’s favorite parts of this has been in athletics. During the track and field and cross country seasons, he has excelled as an athlete. He ran a 16:54 5k and became a runner on varsity along with his brothers, even setting the freshman 5k and mile school record.

“Freshman year is the year to make a base for the rest of your high school career and really sets you up for success,” Aysun said.