Interior Design helps design new Seminole County bus lounge

Students and teacher plan on creating something brand new and fun for bus drivers to enjoy


Danielle Stein

Seniors Cairo Vanegas, Jessica Barker, and Julie Theisen, work on their Interior Design projects with teacher Jennifer Patrick.

Joemi Cordonero, Reporter

Rulers, sketches, PowerPoints. Each step along the way is intricately designed to perfection, allowing their hard work to come alive through their projects.

Interior Design, a four-year program, revolves around creating design displays, making mood boards, and designing projects for future portfolios. While the lower classes create smaller projects to learn the ins and outs of interior design, interior design four was offered a compelling proposition.

Assistant Director of Transportation, Joyce Moore, approached Jennifer. Patrick to renovate the bus lounge. This school year is Patrick’s second year teaching at Oviedo High School and has been allowed to teach all four levels of Interior Design.

Both the students and Patrick became quite excited when the offer appeared, as it was their first official project with a real product. Everyone involved is excited about the real experience of designing it. 

“If it goes smoothly and it turns out well, then it would be a positive thing for the program,” Patrick said.

Interior Design is one of the many four-year programs on campus, but has been overlooked for the more recognized programs like Biotechnology and Early Childhood. So, a big project like this would help give the class more recognition and show what the program is all about. 

Though the project is in its early stages of being a real project, interior design four students have already started making the layout for the project. The students were given free rein to design whatever concepts they wanted to make with the space. 

“We were aiming to make it a more comfortable space for the bus drivers to have a more relaxing experience. They also wanted kitchen upgrades and they wanted it to be more modern,” Jessica Barker, 12, said.

Barker and fellow senior Cairo Vanegas are both part of interior design four and got to work on the project from the start. To begin, they got to see what the room looked like to make a rough plan of what they wanted to do. 

“The field trip to go over there and see it in person and talk to the people was cool,” Vanegas said. “We got to talk to the bus drivers that are going to be there. It was nice to see their thoughts on what they wanted.”

Julie Theisen is another senior who is working on the project. Her role is to organize the PowerPoint presentation to make every suggestion come to life. 

“The most exciting thing about working on the project is probably the end point when everyone puts each part they’ve been working on into one final project,” she said.

Even though the seniors working on the project will most likely not be able to see the outcome because of graduation, they all still want to see how it looks with everything together and completed. 

As Theisen works in the classroom, she also prepares for whatever the future holds in her university career in architecture and interior design. 

“[Interior Design] taught me the basics of my prospective field and gave me the creativity to develop a plan after my education,” Theisen said. 

Designing an actual room where people will be using the appliances and think the room is comfortable and enjoying the renovation is overall the desired accomplishment. The bus lounge may be for the bus drivers, but it also helps the students in deciding what they would love to do in the future.