Doroteya Kyupeliyska calls Oviedo home


Clare McCoy

Foreign exchange student, Doroteya Kyupeliyska, poses for a photo.

Luke Thompson, Reporter

This year, foreign exchange student Doroteya Kyupeliyska became a lion at Oviedo High School. Coming to the states has changed the way she learns and the way she lives.

Kyupeliyska lived in a very large city called Sofia that is located in Bulgaria. There, she would often go to the theater with friends to watch plays and go to the local mountains in her free time.

“There are so many things to do there,” she said. “We go to the mountains because it is very close and hang out with friends and do stuff outside everyday.”

Her old school worked quite a bit differently. Every day they had a different class schedule, and all the students would be in one classroom with teachers switching in and out between classes. They also didn’t have any after school activities, which has been her favorite addition at OHS. 

“I’ve really enjoyed Oviedo so far,” said Kyupeliyska. “The school is so much different than the one I’m used to. I love all the sports and clubs.”

The clubs and events have impacted Kyupeliyska significantly. She now has access to many exciting opportunities that previously weren’t an option – like joining the cross country team. 

“I think [joining] was the best decision I’ve made so far here,” she said.

The only family that she has in the United States are very distant cousins that live in Oregon. The rest of her family remained home in Bulgaria. When Kyupeliyska came to the states, she didn’t know how to speak any English. She’s been learning it for two years at home all on her own.

Kyupeliyska loves it here. After all the new experiences she’s been able to enjoy here, she’s very happy with the switch and cannot wait to see what else is in store here in Oviedo.