Golf team swings into new season


Danielle Stein

Tyler McGrath hits the ball, starting the first match of the meet against Hagerty High School.

The 2022 Fall Oviedo High School Golf Season is currently underway. After their Fall 2021 season, which saw the team with an even record of 5-5, they’re looking to improve their performance for this year. 

The team is led by senior Hayden Kinder. Over his three games, Kinder has averaged 38 strokes. He plans to use his final year at Oviedo to improve his game and prepare for his life after high school.

“My expectations for this upcoming season is to play to the best of my ability and try to be one of the better players in the district,” said Kinder. “I just want to enjoy the game as much as I can.”

Another one of the team’s leaders is senior Andrew Letterman, who’s averaged 42 strokes over his three games. Letterman has been a member of the Oviedo Lions Golf team for all four years of his high school career.

Letterman is particularly excited about this upcoming season due to the amount of incoming talent for the team. With several new freshmen entering the team, the Lions Boys Golf Team should have a star studded lineup for the next few years.

“We have a couple of new freshmen that I think are gonna be great assets,” said Letterman. “Our team overall is very young and I think the future is going to be bright for us.”

John Howell, coach of the Oviedo Lions Boys Golf team, is also excited for what’s next and has high expectations for the future of the team.

“I think we’re going to continue to improve from our current level,” said Howell. “I believe in our team, I believe this current group can do great things, and I’m happy to help them achieve that.”

As the season moves forward, there’s a lot for fans of the Oviedo Boys Golf team to look forward to this season and in the next few years.