Gay-Straight Alliance spreads inclusivity throughout campus


Danielle Stein

Students listen to GSA club sponsor, Chris Capp, during a meeting.

GSA, the Gay-Straight Alliance, is one of Oviedo High School’s many clubs. It is centered around the LGBTQIA+ community, and provides an inclusive environment for students, regardless of their sexuality or gender identity. 

“GSA is…a club that is honestly for everyone to have a comfortable space to go to,” GSA vice president and senior, Ayalis Wakim said.

Within this inclusive environment, students are given a safe space to discuss topics and partake in events relating to the LGBTQIA+ community. They are also able to learn about different resources, like therapy, to deal with their struggles.

“We go over a bunch of topics about different things about sexuality, like coming out, therapy…if you’re having troubles with a bunch of stuff,” GSA co-president and sophomore Ellie Burns said.  

Even though the club is centered around the LGBTQIA+ community, GSA is accepting of and provides a safe space for all OHS students, no matter how they identify.

“We are obviously based on pride…but we accept allies completely, we accept anyone of any background,” Wakim said. 

This encouragement of the acceptance of others, regardless of their identity, not only serves to provide a safe space for students within the club, but also contributes to the spread of inclusivity throughout campus. 

“[GSA spreads] knowledge and tolerance for the LGBTQ community,” GSA co-president and senior, Max Broennle said. “Allowing people to talk about different things, and to…have a community where you just feel safe.” 

This message of inclusivity helps to make campus a more tolerant and safe place. It encourages students to see past their differences and become more accepting of one another.

“[GSA’s goal is] to just help everyone be able to work together and socialize with each other without having a problem, and understand that like, we’re not different people,” Burns said.

GSA is a club that betters its community. It not only encourages acceptance of one another, but self-acceptance as well. It offers students a space where they do not have to apologize for being themselves, instead educating them about different identities and allowing them to figure out who they are without judgment.