‘Positions’ brings back some pop and rhythm to the world

This story was originally published in the third edition of The Lion’s Tale (December 9, 2020).

On October 30th, 2020, Ariana Grande released her sixth album “Positions”. The album includes 12 songs that have blown it out of the water. Grande worked hard at writing these songs and making sure they come together to please the fans. Her single “positions” has been a show stopper. It has been featured on the U.S Billboard, and the hot 100, which is becoming Grande’s Fifth time getting to the U.S number one single. Grande’s fans have loved to see her make and share her album. She has been teasing her fans snippits and clips of the process of making these songs that have been long awaited for. 

Grande’s new album has had a hint of a pop sensation. This album has been similar to listening to her emotions and feelings while showing her vulnerable side in the songs. Grande really showed that she can express her emotions and was very detailed in the wording of the songs. My personal thoughts on this new album have been mixed. I loved “pov”, one of Ari’s songs in the album. It just makes me, as a listener, feel calm and pleasant. 

Some things that I noticed in the album was that some songs sounded very similar and made it seem that you were listening to a song on repeat. The tracks still sounded beautiful, even though they sounded a little similar, they are still very catchy and were still received very positively. Grande did show that she was passionate about this project by putting in a lot of detail in the sound and lyrics of the album; and this really highlighted her as an artist. Grande wanted this album to be different from any other trying to step out of comfort zones when writing the songs. By going into her thoughts proving there’s a different side of her for all her fans to see through the album. 

As a fan of Grande, this album really was not my favorite. The album had many pros & cons. In the end it is what she is satisfied with because she put in a lot of effort, sweat and tears for her fans to love. She really expressed the feeling of loving someone and being with them. A lot of fans could relate or agree with the songs because to a listener, being able to relate to a song when “in their feels” gives this feeling of not being alone since no one likes to feel alone.  Although I really did enjoy this album and loved listening to it, I had very many mixed feelings. This album made me feel happy and really made me, as a viewer, elated to see one of my favorite artists come back. She has been making beautiful music for years now and – although COVID-19 has halted the progress of making music and of course going on tour; it’s nice to see new music from her. I recommend this album to people who relate to heart breaks and relationships.

This album was really good and listening to it was really fun and enjoyable, and I do not regret it. People will enjoy and have a good time listening and getting to know these songs, like I have.