Protestors disrespect frontline workers with actions


Vector courtesy of Vecteezy


The recent nation wide pandemic has led our country’s leaders to put stay-at-home orders in place. These rules help us to flatten the curve of the pandemic.

Despite these safety measures, protesters can be seen all over the country in places like Michigan and California trying to get the attention of America’s leaders. They want to end the stay-at-home orders and open up the country again. Many of the protesters complain about being bored and unhappy staying at home all day.

Americans need to remember that this is only temporary. Citizens need to remember that their “boredom” is nothing compared to how hard our frontline nurses, doctors and scientists are working to battle the virus. USA Today even reports that some of these protestors have gotten into confrontations with nurses and other frontline health care workers.

Personally, I think these protesters are being disgraceful and selfish.

I think the only fair point that these protesters seem to have is that the economy is suffering from the pandemic. Small businesses and even corporate ones are suffering greatly and losing a lot of customers and money.

However, instead of being in public and protesting the stay-at-home orders, we should support small businesses online. There are better ways to cope with the stay-at-home orders and the protesting just has to stop. I think the nation has been doing tremendously well so far as a whole in finding ways to stay safe and occupied at home. The protesters need to understand that what they’re doing, gathering in large numbers and spreading germs, could unravel months of work if it spirals out of control.

It’s important to understand that we have to be in this together or not at all. I know it’s hard to stay at home all day, but we all have to suffer through it. Truly the protesters are doing so much more harm than good.

To me, it’s embarrassing to see them disrespect all the sacrifices made by essential workers. The protesting needs to stop. Our shops, sports and schools will open eventually and we just need to hold out a little bit longer.

To all the people who are staying at home with family, friends, small children, pets or alone keep up the good work. I congratulate all who are working through and not against the safety of these uncertain times.