Use these apps to beat the distance learning blues


Image courtesy of Focus Plant


During a crisis like we are now it’s hard to keep ourselves occupied. Other than school and work there isn’t much else to do at home. A lot of students spend their free time with friends or with extracurriculars. Spending any time away from our televisions and streaming helps our minds stay active while not in school or work. But what do we do when all those extracurriculars are cancelled? We go immediately to our phones for the answer.

It’s hard to stay off our electronics while we’re mainly kept indoors all day. So if we are going to be on our phones, we might as well make some use of it. Use these apps to to escape your boredom and ease the stress of a new learning environment.

Apps to Learn a New Skill 

Something that has been continuously said over social media, news outlets, and through nagging parents is to learn a new skill or improve on one that we didn’t have enough time to do before.


Duolingo is a great and fun way to improve your world languages. It’s free to download and use and is especially helpful if you are already taking a language course. It tests you on your current knowledge of the language you are learning and catches you up to speed. Or if you haven’t learned any new languages yet, this is a great time to start.


Yousician is a great app for learning instruments. It can be used for singers, pianists, guitarists, bass, and ukulele players. This app teaches you how to play based on your skill set from beginners to advanced players. It covers sight reading, sheet music, and different classical and pop songs.

Apps to Improve Your Productivity 

During this time we are also being required to do online learning. It can be hard to keep track of all of our classes and assignments. School can also be very stressful especially when you aren’t used to learning a certain way.

Focus Plant 

Focus Plant is a fun and productive app. It’s a little world where you grow plants on your land by watering them a lot. You get the water by setting a timer and collecting rain. The rain however is only collected if you stay on the app or turn off your phone. The app makes sure you aren’t on your phone for the amount of time you set so you can focus on studying or doing your assignments. This app is great for staying on track.

Aloe Bud 

Aloe Bud is a habit tracker app. School can be very stressful and oftentimes we forget to do simple things like breathe or hydrate. You can customize the app to your needs and set reminders to do certain tasks throughout your day.


Headspace is another great app for simple meditation. It guides you to everyday mindfulness. It helps you to manage stress, anxiety, sleep and productivity. It provides you with expert advice and inspiration to keep your day happy and a little more care free.


MinimaList is a minimalistic to-do list app. It’s very helpful in keeping track with school work and daily activities. Online school can seem like a lot all at once when all of your teachers are constantly posting not only homework and tests, but all daily assignments and learning as well. MinimaList is an easy and helpful way to keep track of all of your assignments.