O-Glow to be cancelled this year

One of the most well-known traditions at Oviedo High School: O-Glow. Students pay to get a blank white t-shirt and two paint bottles. All the students enter the old gym to squirt each other with their paint. Music is blasting, everyone is dancing and running around squirting paint at random people. Students can also pay extra to receive more paint bottles to keep the fun going. 

However, in the fall of 2019, things are going to be different. O-Glow is being revamped. The Student Government Association (SGA), which runs the event, said that nothing is finalized yet, but there will be changes. 

“While nothing is official yet, SGA will be hosting an event that is very similar but without the paint,” said SGA member Abigail Gibbons. “It will still be focused on glow-in-the-dark, and with no paint, it means there will be more room for creative decorations and activities. We believe it might even attract more students because many didn’t attend O-Glow because of the paint aspect. It will be a changed event, but for the better.” 

Although O-Glow’s iconic paint aspect is being taken away, SGA said safety concerns prompted the change.

“The county had some concerns about possible safety issues,” Gibbons said. “Of course, the paint was slippery, so they wanted to make sure no incidents would occur that left a student hurt.”