Hagerty defeats Oviedo 17-10, snaps five-year losing streak


Fern Silva

The Lions prepare to defend against the Huskies. The Lions lost 17-10 on Oviedo’s turf on Sept. 8.


The crowd went wild. Players were celebrating, fans were chanting, coaches were grinning. Those players, however, were wearing Hagerty blue, crushing Oviedo’s dreams–and their defense–in one fell swoop.

For the first time in six seasons, Hagerty defeated Oviedo 17-10 to claim the City of Oviedo Challenge Cup on Sept. 8.

From the beginning of the game, Hagerty dominated the trenches. On their first possession they gained 80 yards rushing, capped off by a Tavis Thompson 5-yard touchdown run.

It took until the middle of the second quarter for Oviedo to respond. As Hagerty was about to punt, junior DJ Coventry broke through Hagerty’s line, blocked the kick, and returned it for a touchdown. After the extra point, the game was tied 7-7 and the Oviedo student section went into a frenzy.

The momentum was short lived, however, as the offenses went stagnant until Hagerty kicked a field goal late in the third quarter to take a 10-7 lead.

Oviedo responded with a long drive, and with five minutes to go, had an opportunity to tie the game on fourth-and-5 with a short field goal. They elected to go for it and were stuffed, missing their chance to score.

Hagerty took advantage of Oviedo’s blunder. They pounded the ball on the ground once again, wearing Oviedo’s defense down, to set up a 45-yard Thompson touchdown run.

Down 17-7, Oviedo finally found some life. They drove the length of the field through a barrage of passes, putting them five yards away from a touchdown. After taking a sack and gaining minimal yardage over the next three plays, the Lions were forced to settle for a field goal with just over two minutes left.

Oviedo needed an onside kick to stay alive in the game. The Lions recovered and started their final drive at their own 48-yard line.

Despite their late surge, Oviedo could not find the endzone, failing on a fourth-and-10 conversion from Hagerty territory.

After rushing for a first down, as they had done all night long, Hagerty was able to kneel the clock out and seal the victory.

Oviedo will have to wait two weeks to right the ship, as they have a bye next week before taking on Winter Springs.