Dean clears up Freeze Time controversy


Students and teachers have been butting heads over whether freeze time is 10 or 15 minutes since the second day of school.

During a WROR TV broadcast, the dean of students, Jason Maitland, made an appearance to talk about school policies. Afterward, there was some confusion about the 10-minute freeze time.

“It seemed that there may have been a printing error with the student planner, but we are going by what the student handbook says: 10 minutes,” Maitland said. “I believe in the announcements I may have said 15 minutes.”

Maitland said that teachers can have their own policies as well.

“Teachers will be alerted of the change,” Maitland said. “But if their rule is that they have a 15-minute freeze time, they’re absolutely allowed to do so. I fully support that.”