Angelee Bueno respects the game


Isabella Schneider

Angelee Bueno stands in her batting stance as she waits for the pitch.

Dominique Moise, Online Editor

Amidst a season full of ups and downs, Bueno has been a star for Oviedo’s varsity softball squad. In a sport that requires such a unique mix of mental and physical tenacity, it takes a special kind of athlete to make things happen at the highest level. For the Lions, Angelee is that kind of player.

As the leader in several statistical categories like batting average, on-base percentage, and runs, Bueno has been dominating the diamond this season. However, her impact easily transcends the numbers. When asked how she would describe the season, Bueno replied, “This season so far has been challenging. We got a new coaching staff and we’ve had to adjust to that. But as a team, we are doing pretty well, and we are feeling good going into districts. It has been an exciting season.”

Despite the challenges of the season, Angelee and her squad have made it to the playoffs and plan on making some serious noise. She believes that the key to getting a win in the first round will be the offense. 

“As long as we score runs we will be just fine because our defense is solid,” Bueno said. “Another factor is our pitching [because] if our pitching is on and they hit their spots, we will be just fine!”

Angelee credits her success as an athlete to her parents, who have been her biggest supporters, both financially and emotionally. “My parents have had the most impact on my success as an athlete. They are always there to support me and pay all the expenses of my hitting lessons, workouts, etc in order for me to be successful,” she said. 

On the field, her teammates and coaches play a crucial role in her growth as an athlete because to her, “[they] have allowed me to grow as a leader and become a better competitor because of all the work we put in.”

Of course, you can’t play at Angelee’s level and expect to have long-term success if you don’t have a love for the game as prevalent as your talent. Her appreciation for softball is rooted in the way the game has shaped her as a person. 

“I love how softball has shaped me into who I am today. It teaches me to live in the moment and enjoy everything at the moment because failure in this game can make you think about the past and present,” she said. Whether it’s “wanting to get a hit or wishing you didn’t swing at that one pitch. It also teaches me how to be a patient person. I also adore the game and the friendships I have built because of it.”

With the sport of softball growing by the day, Bueno has some great advice for younger players trying to get to the next level. 

“Work hard. If you work hard, everything will work out for you. When it comes down to the game, you have to trust in your work and just perform. If you respect the game, it will give back to you and respect you as well.”

Angelee’s hard work has paid off as she has committed to play for Florida State University, a program that she believes truly cares about athletes’ lives on and off the field. 

“They value family so much and they care for you as a person. They’re a very loving program, and I felt at home there,” she said. 

Bueno is confident that FSU’s exceptional program will not only give her the opportunity to play in the College World Series but help the Seminoles win another national championship.

Overall, Angelee Bueno’s success reflects her commitment, grit, and determination to be the best athlete she can be. Her passion for the game of softball, appreciation for those around her, and ability to lead others are sure to bring her much success as she progresses to the collegiate level.

Her profound respect for the game is a testament to how unwavering passion and dedication can help you excel in anything you want to achieve.