Avery Anderson is a team player


Paige Hicken

Senior Avery Anderson takes a charge after the ball against Lyman.

Riley Sanderson, Sports Editor

Warming up for a game, senior lacrosse player Avery Anderson prepares to dominate the field in her last year playing at Oviedo High School. Six years of playing experience have led up to her final year with the Lions and her skills are far from slowing down. 

Ever since her first year on the varsity lacrosse team as a sophomore, Anderson has been an outstanding student athlete. In her high school career she has been recognized as an Academic All-American, First Team All-Conference, All Area, and an Apex All Star. Not only has Anderson achieved athletic excellence, but she has also earned opportunities to visit colleges due to her talent as a midfielder and attack player in the sport.

Anderson also has the exceptional statistics to back up her skill. In her high school career overall, she has scored over 170 goals in over 50 games and has a composite shooting percentage of 0.696. Anderson has also scored over 90 points in her senior year alone. Furthermore, she has a crucial quality of an excellent student athlete: the attitude of a supportive and valuable teammate.

“My favorite parts about lacrosse are the camaraderie among teammates as well as the strategic elements of the game,” Anderson said. “I got into playing lacrosse because I was interested in the fast-paced nature of the sport and I wanted to try something new.” 

Anderson gets her motivation to play her best from her teammate and best friend, Carly O’Donnell. O’Donnell is also a senior midfielder who plays another key part in achieving the team’s success. 

“Carly supports me throughout all of my endeavors and inspires me to achieve excellence just as she has,” Anderson said. “She is enthusiastic and makes her presence known on any field or any team.”

Anderson does the same for her fellow underclassmen teammates. As a team leader, she sets an example for younger players who are continuously looking to improve their skills.

“Avery is very supportive of me and my teammates and she is willing to lift us up and help us improve as players,” freshman varsity player Anna Chattin said. “Her success motivates me to be better.”

With the start of the postseason, Anderson is sure to continue playing her best in order to take the Lions as far as possible.