Boys lacrosse has highs and lows


Harshini Thupili

The boys lacrosse team end off the season with an impressive streak. Photo by Harshini Thupili.

Luke Yost, Reporter

Boys varsity lacrosse is nearing the end of the season. With a winning record of 7-6, they are looking to finish off strong. 

“This season has been great,” Aiden Eberle, 12, said. “We had our highs and lows, but we always came to play during our big games like Lake Howell and Hagerty. Everybody was pretty much locked in.”Beating Hagerty is always a huge accomplishment for any Oviedo High School athlete. It can be a great feeling to defeat the cross town rivals. 

“Last year, we weren’t able to take it home, but you know it’s senior year so we had to,” Tyler Peeler, 12, said. “We had all the energy in the locker room before the game when we got on the field we put on our best.” 

Getting hyped before the game was a key factor in their success against Hagerty. 

“One thing I’ve learned is if you want to get a win, just listen to Ty Peeler’s playlist before the game,” Trevor Metz, 12, said. “The Hagerty game was electric. We were there from start to finish and we didn’t give up.” 

Senior night was also a big success with a 10-5 win against Lake Nona High School. 

“Senior night was great, the whole community came out to support,” Peeler said. “We weren’t sure how the game was gonna go, but it ended up going our way.” 

With their two most important games of the year out of the way and ending up in wins, they’re now looking forward to competing in districts. 

“We’ve been doing alright you know, we just haven’t gotten in our flow yet. We get a win then we go right back down,” Ethan Jones, 10, said. “We just need to get together, playoffs are coming up, I think we’re ready.”