Yearbook editors lead the book


Maddy Baczek

Sophomore Micah Thorpe works on a yearbook spread with the help of his editor. Photo by Maddy Baczek.

Joemi Cordonero, Reporter

As the year concludes, it means only one thing – a yearbook frenzy. Seniors look at their last year on campus and say their goodbyes to friends and teachers, while the underclassmen look at what they can do for the following years to come. 

Though the work of many makes it possible to have the yearbook made, the editors and Editor-in-Chief are to be mostly credited for the precious keepsake of the year wrapped into one book. 

The Editor-in-Chief of this year’s staff, senior Ramsey Odom, was in charge of ensuring everything went smoothly in the page design but also had the opportunity to make the cover design.

“It’s one of the most important things, it’s everything that everybody is going to be looking at first whenever they get the yearbook,” Odom said. 

With this significant opportunity, he also saw it as a great outlook – because of his leadership skills and other creative skills for future ventures that might include digital design. 

Another editor on staff is Tiya Kapadia, a senior in charge of one of the pods on the team. Kapadia has been on staff for all her four years and spent countless hours of hard work making this book, in charge of making sure it was perfectly made in terms of editing and her own pages. 

While Odom was a driving force that led the theme for the book, Kapadia was in control of ensuring the theme was enforced throughout it. 

“We’ve worked long on this, especially the last few weeks before it was due,” Kapadia said. “It’s crunch time and we stay after school a bunch to finish it.” 

Another big help on staff was Leah Lindsey, a junior who has the role of editor. Lindsey has been on staff for only two years, but still enjoyed her time on the team. 

“I’m really glad that it’s done, but it’s kind of bittersweet because I liked the process of making it,” Lindsey said. 

The process of a full yearbook is a strenuous job for the editors, but it is a job that pays off. This yearbook has plenty of cool features with more Spotify playlists and centered pages on people from all corners of the campus to make it feel like a fun surprise to be a part of.