JROTC teaches Talmage Kanistras respect


Kaden Bryant

ROTC stands at command, listening to their superiors’ instructions. Photo by Kaden Bryant.

Jared Fredell, Reporter

In the JROTC program, memories are made and respect is earned. The students that are involved in this dedicated journey run popular school events and compete in competitions schoolwide. 

A normal day in this class is determined by the season the recruits are in. During competition season, they will call attendance and discuss what’s upcoming for the competition. Then, they then practice and maintain the hard work until the big day of competition. Outside of the competing season, they will go over leadership and lessons provided by Commander Haverkamp.

“We have three major teams: academics, marksmanship and drill. Marksmanship has its own unique competitions, and academics and drill compete at field meets, which are usually hosted at other schools,” returning member and Academics Team Commander, Talmage Kanistras, said.

Kanistras has been handed down the torch to lead the next classes of academics.

“Our academics team is one of our most successful teams and it really is important to me to be a part of that and continue that legacy,” he said. “It is an honor.” 

It is clear that Kanistras is honored by the role he has earned and it is shown through the respect and camaraderie he gives off. Joining his freshman year, he’s made many great friends through the program, learning about leadership and his own self along the way.

“These people have really taken me under their wing and showed me what it means to be in JROTC,” he said.

Kanistras plans to use his discipline and responsibility learned from being a recruit to serve and protect people, hoping to either attend a normal college and major in Public Policy and International Relations, eventually working as an ambassador diplomat abroad, or attend the US Naval Academy and serve in the Navy.

It is abundantly clear that Talmage Kanistras will thrive and be successful in any career he decides to pursue and carry on the lessons about not only attentiveness, but additional respect towards everyone he meets.