Lance Kochmann: the last defense


Danielle Stein

Lance Kochmann, 12, reaches tirelessly for the ball, helping the team to victory.

Luke Yost, Reporter

Nobody in the pool has a bigger impact on the outcome of a game than Lance Kochmann. A good performance from him can be the difference between a win or loss, no matter how well the rest of the team plays. 

Being a goalie in any sport is one of the most difficult and important positions. Lance Kochmann, senior water polo captain, takes this role for his team.

“Goalies are out in the field. They’re like the quarterback in the back of the field, they’re able to make plays and be able to see things that players aren’t able to,” Kochmann said. “It’s really helpful for the team to have a different perspective during play.” 

The average high school water polo shot is around 35-45 miles per hour, and it’s his job to be a brick wall and stop the opposing team from scoring. But, this is not his only duty, Kochmann does way more for his team. 

“There’s a lot of pressure because I’m the team’s last defense,” Kochmann said. “So, every shot, if they get a shot, I’m the last one that can control if that goes in or I save the ball.” 

This is only Kochmann’s second year playing water polo and first year being a starter. He has risen up from being a backup to one of the best shot blockers in the region. He was interested in polo for a long time, as he’s been a swimmer since eighth grade. 

“I’ve had a good time making a lot of new friends and it’s a lot different than swimming. I enjoy the freedom of it and that it’s always different,” he said. “You never know what’s going to happen next. It’s about adapting and becoming the best you can be.” 

Lance Kochmann can attribute a lot of his success to his coaches. They are always there for him when he needs them and they helped him learn how to be a great goalie in a very short period of time. 

“They’re able to help us out during games by telling us to run plays or make changes during our game,” Kochmann said. “As a goalie, I am very thankful that we have a goalie coach. She is very helpful giving me tips on different situations during the game, and good at creating workouts to help me get stronger.”

Goalie coach Mary Kathryn Allen has high praise for Kochmann and is very thankful to have him on the team. To her, the team would not be the same without him.

“Lance is the kind of player who will show up whenever, wherever. He has the team player mentality, and even though he only started playing water as a junior, he is the type of teammate  you can rely on,” she said. “He always has a team mentality and positive attitude, always coachable and ready to step up to a challenge.”