Gargi Paranjape balances both sides of the equation


Danielle Stein

Gargi Paranjape balances both sides of the equation during a science competition.

Madelyn Reno, Senior Writer

Tunes echo in freshman Gargi Paranjape’s ears as she holds up her colored pencil to a formerly-blank page. She had just completed hours worth of experimentation after a long day of AP classes and competing in academic fairs, now finally able to enjoy the eternal peace of her craft.

With countless academic achievements to her name, Paranjape has very little time to actually relax. Despite the struggle of sparing a few hours here and there for her beloved hobbies, she still manages to be active in tennis, art, and swimming, as well as being an avid music-lover and continuous participant in fairs.

“Whenever I compete, I’m always a little nervous,” Paranjape said. “But, after presenting to a few parents and peers, I’m confident in my work and ability to succeed.”

Ever since she was three years old, competing has been in Paranjape’s blood. Even with tennis, fairs, and competitively swimming, Gargi Paranjape’s main focus is science.

“To me, science means having the power to create,” she said. “Science gives you the knowledge to change the world, and I really like that.”

Gargi Paranjape is dedicated, and it pays off. She won first place for Earth and Environmental Sciences category in the Regional Science and Engineering Fair, earning a special award from the American Society of Civil Engineers and the US Agency for International Development. Paranjape was also a nominee for the State Science and Engineering Fair, OSC-LMSC, and the Stockholm Junior Water Prize competition. 

“When I won, I was shocked beyond expression,” she said. “I came to school the next few days smiling, and when the principal’s update showed my name with the awards I’d won, I showed all my friends. It really was a great experience.” 

Paranjape is currently enrolled in three science classes, Bioscience 1 Honors, Experimental Science Honors, and Chemistry Honors. In bioscience, she is a force. Throughout the day, people come to her for help and she flies through labs like a tornado, finishing them with time to assist those who need it.

For her sophomore year, Paranjape is planning on taking five advanced placement classes, including chemistry. Although, unlike her math and science homework, Gargi doesn’t have her future figured out yet.

“After high school, I want to go to Georgia Tech for college. Other than that, I just know STEM is where I want to be,” she said.