Joseph Robert settles into Oviedo

The newest teacher addition with the heart of the lion


Logan Hayes

New teacher and coach, Joseph Robert, works on his computer.

Cooper Garvey, Reporter

A new face enters the roster of Oviedo High English teachers: Joseph Robert. Ending up at Oviedo High School after a combination of both fortunate and unfortunate circumstances, Robert was quick to join OHS.

He was previously an English teacher at Deltona High School, but when he heard there was an opening at Oviedo, he took it.

“The head coach over here gave me a call and said they had a position available,” Robert said. “They wanted to know what my interest level was in joining Oviedo, and my interest level was very high.”

The class he teaches had to go through many substitutes and stand-ins before Robert arrived. This has been the case for a couple of English classes in the school for seniors. An ordeal such as that can thwart people who are incredibly willing to learn.

Simply prohibiting good grades and making learning so much harder without a devoted teacher. He hoped to make their last quarter as good as possible with a now permanent instructor.

“They’re seniors,” he said. “They’ve had a unique situation here in this class where they’ve been through a couple teachers, subs, and whatnot.”

Robert also helps now run the football program at our school, the same as he did back in Deltona. Afterall, it was the football coach, Greg Odienero, who helped him get that position here in the first place.

He is quite passionate about the art of English and its subject. And had a very unique take on why he enjoyed it.

“It’s not like math or history where there is either a right or wrong answer. We, especially here with the seniors, do a lot of interpretation and things like that,” Robert said. “You get a lot of different answers and a lot of different opinions on things and it really makes it interesting.”

Coach Robert too was grateful that he had such an opportunity to come to Oviedo in the first place.

“I’m very happy to be here,” he said. ”It’s a great school and a great county, especially for this school to be in. In the 6-7 days I have been here, it has been nothing but warm and welcoming,”

Students rest assured that the class of Coach Robert is definitely one that they hope to be in, for both the literary arts and his teachings in football.