Styling your wardrobe to you


Kaden Bryant

Seniors Abigail Nesteruk and Carmen Longhurst dress fashionably for the day. Photo by Kaden Bryant.

Kaden Bryant, Editor-in-Chief

Mismatched socks, neon-yellow Nike shorts, and an overpriced, $50 T-shirt. Easily, a fashion disaster.

When it comes to personal style, it’s nearly impossible to go wrong. Everyone’s individualized likes and dislikes with varying colors, patterns, lengths, and materials is a form of art. Although, there are a few simple ways to boost your regular style from plain to perfection.

The colors you incorporate into your attire matter. Matching colors that are either beside or opposite of each other on the color wheel is the best way to create an esteemed look.

The color wheel including a total of 12 colors. Photo by Johannes Itten. (Johannes Itten)

For example, you could wear a bright, bold outfit with blue, red, and yellow to stand out in a crowd. Perhaps, you throw on a lavender scarf over your violet sweater. A carefully-chosen combination of sage green and burgundy could astonishingly spruce up your wardrobe.

While a pop of color is always a nice touch, having a basic set of neutral colors in your closet is also extremely helpful in creating an established, professional look. White, black, tan, and gray are essentials to keep on hand at all times.

Whether the color is bold or neutral, the fitting of your clothes is crucial in order to look presentable. Clothes shape your body. You want to wear pieces that highlight features you like, and aren’t so obvious around the ones you don’t. Dressing according to your frame changes the way you look drastically.

To draw attention to broad shoulders, tank tops and tight shirts are a simple choice. To bring attention away from legs, baggy pants work excellently. The contrast between tight tops and baggy bottoms fills out your form to make you look more elastic.

The material of clothing often goes unnoticed. However, there are many, many different materials of clothing, and pairing the right ones together can look gloriously fashionable. Materials like cotton and polyester are common go-tos for most, but adding a nice pair of corduroy or metallic fitted pants instead of old, worn-out shorts can easily increase the quality of your outfit.

Accessories are the most underrated contribution to every look. The options go far: a matching bag, extravagant earrings, a knitted hat, a stylish scarf. Expensive jewelry like rings, necklaces, and earrings paired with thrifted clothes is a trendy, fashionable mix.

While all of these aspects are key components in crafting your wardrobe, shoes alone can make or break your fit. A nice, clean pair of shoes elevates your look to luxury. White sneakers and black boots are some basics that look stylish with just about any outfit.

Having all this covered, now tying them in together well is how to achieve a modern, polished look. For example, a black, fitted, cotton sweater, with green, baggy, corduroy pants, chunky, black boots, and a pair of matching green sunglasses would form a sophisticated ensemble impossible to ignore.

With this in mind, the main point of fashion is to feel good in the clothes you wear. These tips will help you achieve an impeccable look if that’s what you desire, but fashion is individualized and there’s no right or wrong choice for all.