My Big Fat Greek Wedding Two

A must-see sequel

Faiz Uddin

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3/4 Stars

Just like the title says, the movie is about another big fat Greek wedding, but hey, who didn’t like the first one? The comedy did not die down–in fact, I was laughing the whole time just like everyone else in the theater. The family is the same old crazy people we all know and love. It contains same cast as the first movie, plus Elena Kampouris, who plays Paris, the daughter child of Toula and Ian.

Everyone says that the original is always better than the sequel and, in some cases, it’s true, but not for My Big Fat Greek Wedding Two. The movie reminds me of the first with the continuous jokes and laughter, and I loved that. It’s been 14 years since the first movie aired but it’s never too late for the second. Go see it and you’ll agree.