Top five rappers unite music-lovers



Dominique Moise

Here are rankings for the top five greatest rappers of all-time.

Nicolas Spallone, Reporter

Rap music is something that seems to unite the planet, regardless of age, language, and culture. However, we all have different preferences when it comes to each artist and genre we listen to. The students of Oviedo High School have come to a general consensus to present a top five ranking of the best rappers of all time.

At number five, J. Cole is our first artist in the list. Albums like KOD, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, and Born Sinner all show Cole’s lyrical complexity whilst curating a personal sound that detail his harsh upbringing. Many resonate so much with J. Cole’s music because, unlike much of what we hear in today’s mainstream sound, Cole speaks on issues broader than just violence and drug abuse; mental health struggles, poverty, and problems with a significant other are all something that a wide spectrum of listeners can relate to.

Number four brings us Biggie Smalls, or The Notorious B.I.G. Biggie is a one-of-a-kind artist – one with such a musical reach that many who might not recognize his name have already enjoyed his music without realizing. Legendary tracks like Big Poppa and Hypnotize are what has solidified Biggie’s status as one of the greatest and most influential rap artists of all time.

2Pac, formally known as Tupac Shakur, is our number three spot. Like Biggie, 2Pac is widely considered one the greatest rappers of all time, and for some, the greatest artist there ever was. Not only did 2Pac pave a new lane for rap music, his references to muslim culture inspired countless people around the world to be themselves. 2Pac’s wild, action-packed lyrics are what cultivated the foundations of what many newer artists we listen to today built upon. 

Nas, taking second place, is arguably the greatest storyteller in rap music history. For countless fans, Nas’ music is more than just a song – it’s an experience, a performance, and an escape. Many listeners who bash old-school rap will often critique the music for being too boring and simple, however, Nas doesn’t have the ability to be given these labels. The worlds that Nas built and the feelings he incorporated into his music will forever solidify his place in rap fans’ list rankings and hearts around the world.

Finally, our number one spot goes to Kendrick Lamar. It’s natural for us to pick Kendrick for the number one spot on our list as his ability to formulate fresh sounds, whilst transcending those of artists mentioned previously in this list, makes his music the most attractive. When thinking of Kendrick’s best tracks, it’s confusing as so many come to mind. Wesley’s Theory, HUMBLE, These Walls, and so many more are considered some of the best pieces of music that we have in our generation. Kendrick Lamar has an extremely rare talent that hasn’t gone unnoticed by us, and the world.

At the end of the day, picking and comparing your favorite artists is fun, but we often forget to simply enjoy the music. When approaching music, one should have an open mind and treat it with respect, just as you would a painting or a poem. No matter what opinion you hold on a song, album, or artist, it’s all subjective. Music is art, and that’s what makes it beautiful.