How to prevent the next Civil War


Andrew Thomas

With America’s division increasing by the day, there must be a plan to reunite us all…

Dominique Moise and Cooper Garvey

It is no secret that America is incredibly divided. Day by day, more and more topics become hot-button issues. Every decision made by the federal government is criticized harshly, while choices made by everyday people are inspected beneath an ever-expanding microscope. Any and all opinions are either shot down with unrelenting hatred or mindlessly supported. Political conversations devolved from logical discussions to yelling matches full of condescending language. It is obvious that this division exists, but where did it originate? Has it all manifested in the last 30 years, or has this insane war between us all been going on since the dawn of time? 

It is clear that there are three distinct periods in American history that created this state of affairs.

The first period in American history that contributed to this started in 1861. During this volatile period, the seeds of division were beginning to grow into sprouts of violence. In a way, this conflict has evolved over time and has manifested itself with different circumstances long after the last musket shots were fired. Our time might not be riddled with disputes of moral constructs, such as that of the enslaving of people, or being at much more of a risk of associating division with death. But, in all honesty, America is nearing that reality with each passing day – but bearing a different face than it did over 160 years ago.

The Civil War was a dispute that truly transformed our nation. Unfortunately, the end of slavery did not lead to complete freedom, but only the continuation of the oppression of African Americans. Over the next hundred years, this oppression would be challenged over and over before it culminated in the tumultuous Civil Rights era.

However, it could be argued for hours on end when the more recent state of political division began, whether this was the War on Terror, the lead-up to Barack Obama’s election, or the ridiculousness that was the 2016 election. In truth, all of these events contributed to our current, miserable state. Our current state is not as dire as it was in the 1800s. Except now, we have evolved equipment and a far larger count of people. So, if the events decide to rear their disdainful faces once again, the transpiring events would be far more catastrophic than those that were introduced almost 200 years ago. We have gone from primitive weapons to tools of mass destruction that are roughly 500 times more dangerous. Our population has soared from just 30 million to more than 300 million people. And, as there is such a high population of people, there is a high population of rage. Hence, nothing that spawns from such rage can breed anything but unconditional hatred.

As all Americans are aware, our country has been geographically split when it comes to politics over time. The Southeast and Midwest have been typically conservative while the West Coast and Northeast have been typically liberal. Each of these respective areas believes that they would be far more equipped than their rival party in the event of a breakout of violence.

These observations were somewhat apparent when we conducted a survey; the survey regarded how students felt about certain political opinions that concern some of those around the school.

The results speak for themselves.

Based on these results, most people believe that the government should have somewhat of a role in our daily lives. While they are not satisfied with Joe Biden’s presidency at the moment, the people support laws that grant more freedoms. Our rights must be prioritized while other aspects of our nation like the economy, education, and the military.

These questions do genuinely reflect how students feel about these issues that are shoved onto the face of our nation.

The impact that a civil war can have would be devastating. Not only will the population be lowered drastically from the current amount, but the landscape will be utterly devastated. The serene look of our America will be reduced to garbage, tossed out in favor of pointless conflict. 

We also will likely go into a terrible government, with rushed production post-war. Then another civil war will happen to rid America of the rushed government. It would all just be very bad and equally terrible. With freedom fighters placing themselves as the hero of some Arthurian tale. 

Another question is who would start such a skirmish? The answer is very unclear. Either side could act as the aggressor and either could be the peacemaker. But a good way to look at this is to not see the two opposing political parties as sides, but as two parts of the same being. The same being is referred to as the people of America. Therefore, it should not be considered a battle of sides, but a tragedy of separate opposing ideals. Both contribute to the angerment of the other. That must be put to an end.

Now look, most Americans nowadays lack the ability to respect one another’s opinions. Are some opinions objectively wrong? Yes. But this goes without saying what those beliefs are, which is beside the point. If we want to get anywhere at all, we have to learn how to live amongst our neighbors in harmony. No matter who or what they think is right or wrong. If we do not, that almost guarantees us a one-way ticket to war. Which would do nothing but cripple our entire national body; especially if we enact said war with ourselves.

It is a fact, no matter how it is seen or who sees it, that opinions will never be respected; as long as there is somebody to disagree with it. That is the unfortunate truth of today’s half-hearted, complex, and tranquil world. We must implore all who do believe the abomination of falsehood to give up that crusade. They are desensitized by their delusions and cause an insane amount of haphazardness. May those under-civilized bushwhackers get some sense implanted into them.

It’s as they say, opinions are what make the world go around. Without opinions, we would get absolutely nowhere. But we would also not be having this discussion.

We must learn to see eye to eye, as beings of the same country, and of the same species. For plucking out our own eyes, with our own hands, would do nothing but handicap us; as the old adage goes, an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. And in our blindness, we will never be able to see where to walk, or how others live, because we are too worried about ourselves. Therefore, we must learn to listen to each other, accept our differences, and educate ourselves more on the world around us, we can restore the fabric of our nation. But if we continue to spew hatred, agony, and despair, then we will irreversibly rip this country apart.