The end of humanity has arrived: Dead Space Remake

The Dead Space remake has excited many fans who have been awaiting its arrival.

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The Dead Space remake has excited many fans who have been awaiting its arrival.

Luke Thompson, Reporter

“Issac, the Necromorphs got Kendra and they’ve breached inside! Get to the elevator, get yourself to the others! Go!”

Out of all of the games that have ever been released, the original Dead Space has to be in the top 20. Dead Space is a sci-fi, horror survival game that the developers decided to rebuild from the ground up and bring it back with the new Frostbite engine.

The original game released in October 2008, now hitting 15 years old. The improved Frostbite engine brings a whole new look into gaming with the stunning graphics and the great new physics that brings maximum realism and immersion. One thing that makes the players really excited is the constant posts of the developers stating that the game is so scary, it’s hard for them to play. This series has implemented a whole new view of scary.

Another remake, a lot more improvements from the original. The game has peeked to another level with these terrifying elements being used inside of the dark, eerie space station getting chased by Necromorphs. Issac Clarke, the main character who you play as in Dead Space, can finally talk. In the original he would only make sounds through grunts and heavy breathing. He always talked in the sequels but his voice was never available in the original. That has now changed with the new version.

With creating the game from the ground up, there are some things that were added brand new that don’t show in the original. Some examples of these changes are that there are now side missions you can do while exploring the map. This also gives more opportunities for the player to spend more time playing the game and getting a completely new story that gives the game more immersion. The story that this game brings is unforgettable and always has you on the edge of your seat. The fear this game brings when you’re walking down a dark, dead corridor with monsters crawling on the walls and the only light given to you is the strobes off your space suit. This game is horrifying. 

There are some cons that go along with the remake, because obviously everything isn’t perfect and nothing is for everyone. Fans don’t like these additions because they were either barely touched/modified from the original or were just mechanically wrong. The upgrade station and shops are separate and are found at different parts of the map. This may not sound as bad as it seems, but try taking the perspective of some poor soul being chased by hundreds of Necromorphs to then finally reach a shop but not being able to upgrade unless you want to go back where you just were, or continue forward, possibly being attacked again.

This isn’t the biggest problem because it makes the player put more effort in their survival and having a lot more to do with a bigger challenge. It’s up to you whether that’s a pro or a con. The connection with the main character himself can be a bit of a controversy because he may finally be able to talk and show his emotions, he doesn’t really react much about the dying world around him. He doesn’t react much to someone dying or having to kill a Necromorph that has him pinned against a wall. If little things like that don’t affect you, that’s fine. There are so many other good things with the game that balances out the few cons. 

With the new pricings of brand new games coming around $69.99, Dead Space is a pricey piece, but it is very worth buying with the game giving you around 14 hours of entertainment so that you have at least a good week before finishing the main story – but don’t forget that the new side missions give you so much more to do giving the game extra time. 

The horror aspect completes Dead Space. What factors make the developers themselves scared to play their own creation? Well, the game is very dark. It’s set and space and well, space is dark. Adding, that being one a massive space station where there are many places for you to be attacked from all sides of you without any warning is what really gets your heart pumping through your playthrough. Another point is that the world’s atmosphere is horrifying. It’s very quiet, all you hear are the Necromorphs croaking or a light sparking in the distance. All around the game feels odd and very eerie. Most of the time you always feel like something is wrong and you have to check every corner to ensure your safety. After playing the awesome new remake, there are two more installments in the series, Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3. The graphics may not come into play with the other games but the story quality is still there. This series is a hit and you absolutely cannot miss it.