Andrew Tate gets taken into Romanian custody


Jesreel Cruz

The infamous podcaster known as Andrew Tate is taken in by authorities for legal consequences.

Madelyn Reno, Senior Writer

Everyone knows about Andrew Tate’s views. He never hesitates to make sure his opinions are heard, but this behavior is steadily spreading to the minds of other men and boys who think they deserve to own women.

The infamous podcaster, who has been repeatedly broadcasted across social platforms due to the many controversial opinions he publicly vocalizes, has, once again, fallen upon the media’s spotlight. After initially going viral for misogynistic and sexist comments, he’s now been accused of several offenses: human trafficking, starting an organized crime group, and rape. These allegations have put him, as well as his brother and two others, into custody in a Romanian jail while the investigation continues. The Tates were arrested on Dec. 29., 2022.

So far, Andrew Tate has had many of his 33 cars and $4 million of personal items confiscated by the Romanian police force to be investigated. These cars are said to have possibly been bought with money he earned from human sex trafficking – not from his online presence or kickboxing career. Allegedly, there have been six women found in Tate’s many homes across the world. These women were said to have been held against their will and were sexually exploited.

So far, Andrew Tate has had many of his 33 cars and $4 million of personal items confiscated by the Romanian police force to be investigated.”

Tate’s previous tweets, TikToks, and Youtube videos do nothing but prove his possible guilt. He has a history of saying things like “sexually assaulted women should take responsibility for being assaulted,” “women shouldn’t be allowed to drive,” “it is okay for a man to hit a woman,” and making many other blatantly offensive comments. Even with this history, Tate still has a large amount of fans worshiping his every move. These fans spend their days trying to be just like Andrew, though his opinions have a tendency to be harmful towards women. 

Tate’s lawyers claim that there is no evidence against their client, saying that other than victim statements, the police have no true evidence that could place Tate in prison. Although these lawyers believe there to be no evidence, that didn’t stop the court from denying the Tates’ appeal. Their lawyers also argued that Andrew Tate’s online persona isn’t his true personality, just something he came up with. However, as with many online personalities, it’s possible that even if online and offline Andrew Tate are different, their beliefs are bound to be similar, if not the same. After all, even with the help of social media, it’s impossible to completely change your personality. 

The investigation has uncovered multiple women who sent in reports of rape and strangling, allegedly done by Tate, that were previously ignored. Each one of these complaints were dismissed because they were sent in weeks or months after the alleged assault, so there was no evidence. 

While this is the first time the investigation against the Tate brothers has truly stormed the media, it’s not the first time the brothers and their belongings have been investigated. The investigations started in 2018, when Andrew’s house was raided and he was put in jail for two days. 

Fans of Tate, and Tate himself, have been trying to find any reason to prove that Tate is innocent and should be released. They have a theory that Tate was attacked by agents of “The Matrix” and he should be released because of it. They also believe that they were framed, and that this is all a plan to get Tate locked away because he offended someone. While it’s impossible to say whether or not this is true, it is highly unlikely.

Some of Tate’s fanbase follows in his footsteps, causing most to be toxic or cruel,” Peyton Cullum, 9, said.

Some of Tate’s fanbase follows in his footsteps, causing most to be toxic or cruel.”

— Peyton Cullum,

These fans believe that even if proven guilty, Tate shouldn’t be imprisoned. To them, women are nothing but objects they can use for their entertainment. Fans even went as far as to show up to the jail Tate is being held to protest his arrest. However, it isn’t just the Romanian fans protesting, people in Greece have also stormed the streets in support of Tate. 

“I believe that Andrew Tate should remain imprisoned because he should be held accountable for his actions and justice should be served,” Keeley Jacobs, 9, says.

Tate has multiple recordings and posts where he openly talks about how he treats women, including one in which his bodyguard confirmed that he matches the loverboy method: seducing a young and vulnerable person and allowing them to believe that they are special and that they are loved, and then sexually exploiting them. 

After everything that happened and all the things he said, him being arrested was kind of inevitable,” Mikaela Kuzelka, 9, said.