Jeremy Renner breaks over 30 bones in snow plowing accident


Andrew Thomas

Marvel star Jeremy Renner is severely injured in a snow plowing accident and breaks over 30 bones.

James Bryant, Reporter

2023 has not started out as many people had hoped. Many well-known stars have experienced physical and dangerous accidents. On Jan. 1, at 9a.m., Jeremy Renner, who is most known for playing Hawkeye, was run over by a seven ton snow plower that was later revealed to have broken over 30 bones in his body. This occurred when he attempted to get back into the snow plower and it started to roll away. The setting of the scene was at his home in Lake Tahoe. This incident has caused social media to buzz and has been an extremely talked about topic. 

Renner stayed in critical but stable condition after the incident, and was in the ICU when he first got to the hospital. He has received two surgeries for his injuries, along with an emergency surgery when he first entered the hospital. The injuries he received in this accident consisted of blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries. Along with that, he lost a significant amount of blood, and plenty of scars, which will forever remind him of this accident. He received care from the Renown Regional Hospital in Reno, Nevada.

Renner stayed in critical but stable condition after the incident, and was in the ICU when he first got to the hospital.

Jeremy Renner has been in the acting industry for over 20 years, and is a very loved actor. Therefore this incident was pretty hard to digest for a vast amount of people. 

Tara Strong, known for her many voice acting roles, wrote on Twitter, “My sweet Jeremy Renner. Loved you for decades. From a Senior Trip to the MCU. Sending you and your closest healing love, light & strength for a full recovery.” His former MCU co-stars Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, who played Captain America and Thor wrote, “Speedy recovery buddy. Sending love your way,” and, “Tough as nails, love you buddy.” 

Jeremy Renner’s amazing performances as Hawkeye in the MCU productions, are known all across the world. His character is loved by many MCU fans, and it affects his fans, just as much as it affects his co-star. 

“It was shocking and I just hope that he will be okay,” Caden Martz, 10, said. “I think that he should retire but no one would ever be able to be Hawkeye but him.”

Luckily, we received plenty of updates from him during his hospitalization through all the tweets he posted on social media. There were a lot of uplifting posts he put up, including a video of him having a “spa day” in his hospital bed. His tweets helped connect others and it gave many relief after the scary accident. After two weeks of being hospitalized, he is now out and with his family, just in time for the release of the new season of Kingstown, the show he stars in. This near-death experience has affected him and his family greatly, but it’s taken a great turn as he is at his healthiest since the accident. This gives us a great reminder to cherish others and those we idolize, because you’ll never know when that feeling could take an unfortunate turn.